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Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment

We provide quality wireless robot pool cleaners,wireless remote control offers easy operation cleaning pool floor, walls and water line simple structure, energy saving, strong cleaning pre-setting function available working time and operation status checking available automatic return after out of water

Robot Pool Cleaner-II

A small remote controlled skimmer is designed to remove undesirable debris on your pool surface,so just enjoy it and have fun!

An effective tool to reduce the clogging of your filter system by debris including fine particles(pollen,seeds etc)

Dual meshes net are provided for collecting adequate debris(leaves and fine particle)

The patented reversible net holds and retains debris effectively

A suited design allows the skimmer easily collect debris on the edge of pool

With the skimmer,your pool always clean at the last moment for you and your guests

Model Description
RSP 1 Sifia